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Acoustic lighting

Acoustic lighting solution

Sound-absorbing material, made of 100% polyester fiber, is a new type of environmentally friendly flame-retardant material. With a wide range of colors that can be customized, and diverse size specifications, it provides rich design elements for interior design. Acoustic lighting is the perfect combination of architectural materials and lighting equipment, reducing space reverberation and environmental noise while enhancing spatial design aesthetics with a variety of colors. It is suitable for any space type, such as offices, conference rooms, commercial spaces, fitness and entertainment venues, etc.

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LAKY Series

LAKY- ultra-minimalist hanging light fixture can be arranged in groups

Laky is an ultra-minimalist and stylish hanging light fixture, designed to enable a wide variety of creative configurations. On its own, it presents a simple, elegant appearance, but when arranged in groups,whether systematically or randomly,it transforms into a sculptural art piece. This luminaire provides ambient illumination suitable for any contemporary interior design.

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LINE 05 Series

LINE 05 - 7mm wide suspended linear light fixture

The LINE 05 is a 7mm wide, ultra-narrow, suspended linear light fixture that offers uniform lighting both upwards and downwards.

Available in lengths of 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters, its driver is seamlessly integrated into the ceiling-mounted box. Ideal for modern interiors.

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LX system-complete installation kit

Line X System - modular track kit, easy installation package

The line X is available in a form of modular track kit, which is easy-to-use as a package.

Track width options of 5mm and 11mm. Multiple modules can be integrated with the track easily.

Available in classic black, white, and trending brushed bronze, brushed gold color.

Various inserts, like accent lighting insert, general lighting insert, spotlight insert can be easily mounted to the track. It is ideal for residential lighting, retail shop applications .etc

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Line X System-Qring range, quick assembly curved linear ring

Line X System-Qring range, quick assembly curved linear ring

With tracks featuring various curvatures and a quick assembly end cap design, you can easily create aesthetically pleasing shapes according to your preferences.

Whether circular, linear, elliptical, or otherwise, it fosters an artistic spatial environment.

Track width is available in 5mm wide, 11mm wide, 26mm wide.

Arc size optional:Φ600mm, Φ800mm, Φ1200mm.

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TANA Series

TANA - pendant light with various lampshade options

To create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, lighting is crucial. The TANA series pendant lamps come in two versions: glass lampshades and metal lampshades, with various color options available. You can mix and match according to your own style, making the decorative space more artistic and interesting.

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Our Exquisite Decorative Pendant Lights-BIBO, DENE, FARA series

Discover the perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and professional lighting with our decorative pendant collection. Featuring the BIBO, DENE, and FARA series, these lights are designed to enhance any space with elegance and functionality.

Whether you prefer surface-mounted or track-mounted installations, our versatile designs cater to your unique style and lighting needs. Explore our diverse range of options to find the ideal lighting solution that will transform your environment.

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Decorative Surface-mounted Downlight – KUBI

-Light up your world with KUBI
-Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
-Pure lines and Essential geometry
-Built-in AC LED module inside, to keep the design compact and elegant.

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FINO Series

Decorative Light – FINO

-Finely crafted lights for a polished look
-Three various sizes
-Features glass masks in four different colors. Customers can choose their favorite match.
-Low voltage version can be well compatible with the 48V low voltage system. While the AC version can be wired to the mains supply, directly.

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Flexible Neon FLEX Series

Decorative Light – Flexible Neon FLEX

-Illuminate your space with flexibility 360° circular lighting neon strip
-Creative design and Casual combination
-Basic version, easy to use. While cluster versions can make your creativity expand without limit.
- Special oil surface treatment make the neon flex very smooth to touch.
- Arbitrary cutting using our professional scissors.

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