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E-Lite Lighting Shines Bright at Guangzhou International Lighting Fair

19. Jun. 2023 | Event News

E-Lite Lighting Corporation Ltd, a distinguished ODM/OEM LED lighting manufacturer, showcased its cutting-edge products at the prestigious Guangzhou International Lighting Fair. The event, hosted by Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, brought together leading companies in the lighting industry, providing a platform for innovation and collaboration.


About E-Lite Lighting

Established in 2007, E-Lite Lighting has emerged as a pioneer in designing and manufacturing high-end LED lighting fixtures. The company is committed to delivering top-notch products and has gained recognition for its ODM/OEM capabilities. With headquarters located in Shenzhen and a sprawling 15,000 m² factory in Huizhou City, E-Lite Lighting has positioned itself as a global player in the lighting industry.


Our Products

E-Lite Lighting focuses on the development and production of residential, commercial, hotel, office, and architectural lighting fixtures. The diverse product range includes recessed LED spotlights, downlights, surface-mounted lights, ceiling-mounted lights, pendants, wall-mounted luminaires, track lights, linear lights, display lights, recessed ground lights, and underwater lights. Designed by experienced experts from China, Canada, and Germany, these products are known for their innovation and quality.
During the fair, we have displayed below Product themes,including:


Commercial Lighting Area:

Architectural Lighting Ceiling Light-LUCIA & CREST Series Picture 1

Architectural Lighting Ceiling Light-LUCIA & CREST Series Picture 2

48V Low Voltage Track System-LX26 Series

48V Low Voltage Track System-LX26 Series With Various Shinning Golden Color Inserts

48V Low Voltage Track System-LX26 Series With Globe Shape Inserts

48V Low Voltage Track System-LX26 Series- Direct Lighting & Indirect Lighting Track

48V Low Voltage Track System-LX26 Series With Decorative Inserts

48V Low Voltage Track System-LX26 Series Free standing Light

Linear Lighting System-LINK 60 Series


Residential Lighting Area:

Residential Lighting Collection Picture 1

Residential Lighting Collection Picture 2

Compact Surface-Mounted Residential Spotlight-ORBIT Series

Residential Lighting-LEDGO Series

Residential Lighting-FELLOW Wall-Mounted


Outdoor Lighting Area:

Outdoor Lighting-Projectors & Inground Light Picture 1

Outdoor Lighting-Projectors & Inground Light Picture 2

Outdoor Lighting-Bollard & Wall Light

Outdoor Lighting-Surface-Mounted Luminaires

Outdoor Lighting-Surface-Mounted Wall Light Picture 1

Outdoor Lighting-Surface-Mounted Wall Light Picture 2


Decorative Lighting Area:

Flexible Neon Flex-Basic Version Picture 1

Flexible Neon Flex-Basic Version Picture 2

Flexible Neon Flex-Cluster Version

Flexible Neon Flex-Cluster Version


North America Market Lighting Products Area:

Cylinder Pendant Or Surface-Mounted Spotlight-NOVA Series

Cylinder Pendant Spotlight-NOVA Series Picture 2

New Construction And Remodel Downlight- DOME & START Series

New Construction IC Rated Housing

New Construction Non-IC Rated Plaster Frame


Global Presence

E-Lite Lighting’s products have gained international acclaim, with exports reaching America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The company’s commitment to high standards has led to partnerships with world-renowned lighting brands, establishing its presence in the global market.


Certificates and Quality Assurance

E-Lite Lighting places a strong emphasis on quality control and testing. The company holds various certificates attesting to the adherence to stringent standards. The laboratory and production line are equipped with state-of-the-art quality control and testing equipment, ensuring that each product meets the highest industry standards.


Customer-Centric Approach

E-Lite Lighting not only offers top-tier products but also provides exceptional after-sales service. A dedicated support team offers installation guidance and lighting solutions for different projects. With a minimum of three years warranty on all LED lights, the company ensures customer satisfaction by providing replacements free of charge.


Vision for the Future

E-Lite Lighting is on a mission to be a global top-rank LED lighting solution expert. Through constant innovation efforts, the company aims to bring light to every corner of the world. The participation in the Guangzhou International Lighting Fair is a testament to E-Lite Lighting’s commitment to excellence and its vision for a brighter, more sustainable future.

For more information, please visit E-Lite Lighting and Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition.


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